Effervescent Tablets Formulation

This is where your vision and our decades of research meet, to bring your effervescent tablets formulation to market…

A custom effervescent tablets formulation is defined as a product made exclusively for your company to your exact specifications. Such formulas might range in complexity from a single active ingredient to many different raw materials. This process might involve the modification of an existing product or the development of a completely new effervescent tablet that best matches your vision by selecting ingredients, coloring and flavorings that yields a superior product to the end use to achieve the most effective results.
Our knowledgeable Research and Development team will work with you every step of the way to create a custom product from the ground up or assist on improving your current existing formula to increase sales and over all better user experience of your private label product.  With our team being involved in the research and development of many of the top industry trends, you can depend on Nutra Group to produce an innovative, high-quality custom effervescent tablets formulation that is uniquely yours, thus designed and formulated to stand out in today’s competitive domestic and international markets allowing you and your private label effervescent product to grasp it’s share of this billion dollar industry.