Effervescent Tablet Manufacturers

Nutra- Fizz.com is a website that is owned and operated by Nutra Group®. It is a specific to just effervescent tablets and allows our B2B partners direct information regarding the private label effervescent program that we offer.

It is also designed to support those potential new clients who are in need of an effervescent tablet manufacturer or are looking to private label effervescent tablets find the basic information they are looking for under one fast, easy to use informative website.

With Nutra Group having over 300+ in stock formulas available for private label that are available in capsules, tablets, soft-gel, caplets, powders to name a few we wanted to build a website that was specifically geared to help those B2B partners save time that are ONLY looking for information regarding our effervescent tablets program.

Unlike many effervescent tablet manufacturers. We, at Nutra Fizz can produce effervescent tablets in large and small quantities in order to cater to international, as well as our domestic markets. Being a premier effervescent supplier in The USA, we adhere to strict procuring and manufacturing guidelines and insist on producing top quality products,  as the majority of our B2B partners have to face various domestic and international competition and regulatory guidelines.

Production of our effervescent tablets is carried out under strictest conditions of hygiene and sanitation. From procurement of raw materials to packaging of final product, each process is completed under the watchful eyes of experts that specialize in production of effervescent tablets.  Ingredients are also tested as per international standardization guidelines prior to blending and if not passed, are rejected and not to be used. The effervescent tablet manufacturers production line where the effervescent tablets are produced is completely sanitized so that no contamination takes place during the entire manufacturing process and moisture is nearly non existent. 

Every batch is then issued its own lot and batch number, with dates of manufacturing and expiry clearly marked on the packing. Effervescent tablets are then shipped in bulk or packed in white plastic tubes with desiccant moister proof cap under your private label. Being a leading effervescent supplier in North America, we never compromise on the quality of the raw materials used in the formulations and we take great pride in meeting our promised delivery dates to our valued partners.

Please Note: If at any time you are not able to find exactly what you need regarding your private label effervescent project on this website please contact us directly or visit us at https://nutragroupusa.com/effervescent-tablet-manufacturers/