Effervescent Manufacturers Retail Packaging Tube with Desiccant Cap!


One of the key elements you must consider when creating your private label effervescent tablets, is it’s packaging. Your effervescent manufacturers packaging must not only be attractive to your target market, but it must also be functional for transportation and storage of your private label effervescent product. Your effervescent manufacturers retail packaging should be user-friendly and convenient for your customers. The effervescent tube packaging with desiccant cap services at Nutra Fizz have been designed to create efficient, high quality, cost effective packaging to help save your business time and money while protecting the integrity of the product within.

When private labeling effervescent tablets, the packaging is first and foremost designed to protect your investment. We use the highest quality effervescent manufacturers packaging materials to ensure that your product is never compromised.

The effervescent tablet tubes used during packaging here at Nutra Fizz are made to protect your branded effervescent products from light, moisture, breakage and more. They are made of polypropylene (PP) and are designed with extreme intricacy and care. These are user-friendly with appealing designs and can come in a variety of sizes.

Our effervescent tablet tubes have passed various quality checks such as overall migration, specific migration of heavy metals, Bisphenol-A and Microbiological (TAMC and TYMC) tests. These also comply with major EU/EC norms for plastic packaging materials that come in contact with food.

We can provide tubes with various types of decoration such as shrink sleeving, heat transfer labeling as well as offset printing.

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